The Influencing Travel Behaviour Team (ITB) provide road safety education, training and publicity to schools, communities, businesses and Leeds residents. We promote sustainable travel throughout Leeds along with helping schools and businesses to develop and implement their travel plans (which promote safe, sustainable and less car dependent patterns of travel).

Our team works on issues relating to how we behave on and around roads and how road-users interact with each other. We work alongside partners (police, fire and rescue service etc) who have the same ambition to reduce road deaths and improve road safety, reduce car-dependency and promote safer, greener alternatives to driving. 

Our work with schools

We work with schools to help them reduce congestion and increase walking and scooting, cycling and public transport trips. Schools are encouraged to register with Modeshift Stars an accreditation scheme that supports the development and implementation of School Travel Plans and recognises schools that have shown excellence in supporting cycling, walking and other forms of sustainable travel. Road safety training and education is delivered by a dedicated team throughout the year.

Sustainable travel choices

We work with businesses, the higher education sector, residential developments, and other organisations to influence travel behaviour. Our role is to help people and organisations in Leeds to reduce their reliance on the private car by promoting the benefits of walking, cycling, public transport and shared cars. Every year we conduct a travel to work survey to map employee travel trends.

We provide regular information about local and national campaigns and events through our newsletter, blog and social media accounts. We provide advice and guidance to developers who are required to implement Travel Plans as part of the planning process and we support numerous events to promote sustainable travel choices. We work with the Combined Authority to promote the West Yorkshire Travel Plan Network and City Connect cycling projects and with our partners Enterprise Car Club and to develop and promote the city car club and the regional car share scheme. We are also working to introduce a city bike hire scheme in 2020.

We are very interested in your active travel stories. Contact us at to tell us your positive experiences of walking, running, and cycling to work, school or college.